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At Sunbury Dental, our mission is to provide comprehensive dental care while maintaining a gold standard in customer service. That's why our doctor and highly trained team work hard to design specialized treatment plans that perfectly suit each patient's unique dental needs, and why we strive to be available for you whenever you need it. While dental emergencies are rare, sometimes, accidents do happen - and when they do, it's important to know how to proceed. 

In Case of Emergency

Thankfully, true dental emergencies are uncommon, and if you ever do feel that you're in serious danger, please call 911 or go to an emergency room immediately. That said, many conditions can be dealt with at home or with an emergency appointment at our office. Here are a few potential scenarios and what to do if you encounter them:

  • Cuts and Scrapes: Most cuts in the mouth are small and heal quickly, but if you have a wound that won't heal up or is large enough that you're losing a significant amount of blood, head to the emergency room.
  • Swelling: If you're experiencing swelling and aren't sure what the cause is, call us or head to the emergency room.
  • Lost Permanent Tooth: If you lose a permanent tooth, it's important to hang on to the tooth if possible. Be sure to hold the tooth by the crown (instead of the long root), and if you can, try to clean it off and reinsert it into its socket. If not, keep it in a cup or bag filled with water or milk, then call us immediately.
  • Jaw Injury: Jaw injuries can be very serious, and if you think you've broken or injured your jaw, it's best to act fast. Try to avoid moving the jaw, then go straight to the emergency room. Once you're treated there, call us and let us know the situation.

With any dental emergency, it's best to call us and find out what to do - even if you have an appointment that same day. If it's after hours, call our office at 740-965-2451 and listen to the recorded message for instructions.


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